Bihar: VVIP arrogance caught on camera! BJP leader’s brother thrashes chemist for not standing up to greet him


In a shocking high-handedness captured on camera, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader’s brother was seen thrashing a shopkeeper for allegedly not standing up to welcome him. The incident took place in Bettiah city of Bihar.

On June 3, Bhartiya Janata Party national vice president Renu Devi’s brother Pinu entered a medical shop at 9:18 pm. He apparently got miffed when one of the staff remained seated and did not stand up to greet him, and started beating him.

The shocking visuals of the VVIP arrogance were captured on the CCTV installed in the shop. It is being reported that after beating the man black and blue in the shop, Pinu grabbed him and took him outside the shop.

It is also being reported that Pinu had a heated conversation with the owner of the shop, who is out of station, on the phone after the incident.

The Bihar Police have claimed to have now provided protection to the victim. Pinu is on the run and police are trying to apprehend him.

Meanwhile, Renu Devi has claimed that she has no ties with her brother and asked the Bihar Police to take appropriate action against him.