Ranchi and its surroundings are dotted with green hills and white waterfalls, making the capital of Jharkhand one of the major tourist destinations in India. Nature has painted the lands of Jharkhand with beauty. There are numerous hills in and around Ranchi including Tagore Hill, Ranchi Hill and Gonda Hill and Rock Garden. Gonda Hill and Rock Garden is located around four km from the city center of Ranchi, on the Kanke road. It is one of the best places to enjoy holidays. The CMPDI headquarters are located in front of the hill. There is a huge lake at the bottom of the hill known as Kanke Dam, which is a worthwhile retreat. The Kanke Dam manages to spread some enjoyable and peaceful sentiments among the tourists.Tourists from all over the globe come to visit the Gonda Hill and Rock Garden of Ranchi.  

Gonda Hill and Rock Garden as a picnic spot. People come here in massive groups to enjoy some time together. The Gonda Hill houses a water reservoir at its top. At the foot of the Gonda Hill, Kanke village is situated, which houses one of the largest mental asylums in the country. The British designed Kanke Mental Asylum near Gonda Hill, thinking that the cooler environment would be helpful to psychological health. The closeness of the Rock Garden enhances the beauty of the place.
Location info:
Address:Gonda Hill,Ranchi,Jarkhand,India
District: Ranchi
Nearest City: Ranchi
Best time to visit: October to march
Temperature ranges from maximum 37 to 20 °C during summer, and maximum 22 to 10 °C
The spot has been developed into an artificial garden, complete with water falls and sculptures, to attract tourists. The rock garden is awesome in its appearance, striking a balance between the creativity of modern and ancient man. From Ranchi GPO on Kanke road, just in front of the CMPDI Hq. is situated the Gonda Hill with a water reservoir at it’s top. At the foot of the hill is a big lake known as Kanke Dam and an attractive place for the tourists. Rock Garden, Ranchi :- Eloped into an artificial garden, complete with water falls and sculptures, to attract tourists. The rock garden is awesome in its appearance, striking a balance between the creativity of modern and ancient man
Interesting things to do:
Ranchi Lake:
Ranchi Lake, situated in the heart of the city was excavated by Col. Onsely, a British Agent in 1842. It is located near Ranchi Telephone Exchange. The lake has boating facilities.  

Tagore Hill: 
On the periphery of Ranchi is “Tagore Hill”, named after Rabindra Nath Tagore who is believed to have written a part of famous Gitanjali here, besides other poems. Ram Krishna Ashram is situated at the foot of the hill. This hill is very attractive and bigger than “Ranchi Hill”.

Kanke Dam: 
On the other end of Ranchi is the “Kankedam” which is ever crowded with tourists. It is a popular picnic spot.

Jagannath Temple: 
Few kilometers from the Kankedam and 10 km form Ranchi is the 17th century “Jagannath Temple” where the annual “Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival)” is held in the month of June/July.Located 10km. south west of Ranchi is the 17th century Jagannath Temple on a hillock at Jagannathpur. The temple was built in 1691 and its architectural styles resembles the Jagannath temple of Puri. Rath yatra or Car festival similar to that of Puri is held every year in the months of June/July. It attracts thousands of devotees both tribal and non-tribal.
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How to reach?
Nearest Railway Station:Ranchi is on the South Eastern Railway and is directly connected with Calcutta, Patna, Rourkela etc.
Nearest Airport:Ranchi is connected by regular Indian Airlines services with Calcutta, Patna, Bombay and New Delhi.
Road Transport:Ranchi is situated on National Highway No.23 & 33 and there are nets of good roads around it. Ranchi is directly connected by regular bus services with all the main places in the state and also outside the state.
Nearest Visiting places:
Hundru Falls:
45 kms on Ranchi – Purulia road, where the Subarnrekha river cascades down from an altitude of 320 feet is a sight not to be missed especially in monsoon or when the wind sets the motion. The pools at the base of the falls are favorite picnic and bathing spots.  

Jonha Falls: 
40 km, on Ranchi -Purulia road also known as Gautam Dhara, is another enchanting retreat amidst rich flora and fauna beside the Kanchi river. The scenery it is very picturesque and it is a popular picnic spot. To admire the fall one is required to descend 500 pared steps.

Sita and Dassam Falls: 
Adjacent to Jonha Falls is Sita falls which can be seen at its best in the morning. Afternoon may best be saved for the Dassam falls (34 kms on Ranchi – Tata road) where Kanchi river falls from a height a of 114 feet.Hirni Falls is another fascinating water fall with beautiful surroundings. It is situated 75 kms form Ranchi .

Breeding Center: 
km from Ranchi is Mutta Muggar. Breeding center in Ormanjhi which took off with 3 Bihari muggars (Crocodiles) and 2 from Chennai. Today they account for over 50. Nearby is the biological park replete with valuable samples of wild life.

Mc Calukieganj: 
60km from Ranchi on haighway 47 is a very sleepy hamlet amidst green forests. The name evokes nostalgia and one gradually discovers the place popular with Anglo-Indian community. During 1950s there were no less than 100 Anglo-Indian families with their typical cottages, clubs and shops.

Hatia Dam: 
There is another dam known as “Hatia Dam”. It is about 12 kms from the city.Ranchi is picturesquely situated in the heart of Chotanagpur at an altitude of 2140 feet (654.5 metres) above sea level, in the nucleus of the region.Once the summer capital of Bihar, Ranchi is well known for its scenic attractions, water falls, barren rocks and hillocks. It has a number of industrial complexes which are very important in the industrial life of a country. While on the one hand beautiful and exciting water falls are scattered around this town, on the other hand huge industries are also to be seen there which do attract visitors. There are many scenic attractions in and around Ranchi which hold tourists for days together. It is also an important place for the study of tribal ways of life and offers an ideal opportunity to those interested in Anthropology. Bihar Tribal Research Institute and museum is well worth a visit for those seeking to know more about the tribes of Bihar . One can consider some of the village rich in tribal life and above all, it is the central point of Chotanagpur which one cannot miss to visit. Due to its good climate, lot of people come here for health sake too. It gets 1530 mm rain annually.

Tribal Research Institute and Museum:
The museum located at the Tribal Research Institute building at Morabadi Road has a collection of stone sculptures, terracottas and arms as well as ethnological objects. It also exhibits life and history of tribal people of Chotanagpur.

Tagore Hill:
Tagore hill named after the famous Tagore family is located near Ram Krishna Mission Ashram at Morabadi. It is said that Ravindra Nath Tagore wrote several of his books at the top of the hill which is at a height of around 300ft. Besides the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, the Centre of Divyayan and Agararian Vocational Institute is also situated at the foot of the hill.

Baidynathdham :
Baidynathdham or Babadham is a famous Hindu pilgrimage center. There is a famous temple of Lord Shiva. In Shrawan month, huge number of devotees come on foot from all over India to pay homage to Lord Shiva. Machali Ghar:
This aquarium is located near CCL headquarters on Kanke Road. There is a several species of fish here.
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