At: Bajichowk, Dhenkanal Town.  

 Sri Baishnab Charan Patnaik was born on 29.4.1914 in Dhenkanal Town. From his Student life he revolted against corruption and Administration. In 1938 he was nominated as the organising Secretary of Chasimela at Jenapur. From March 1939 to August 1939 for a period of Six months he was imprisioned in Cuttack Jail. From June 1940 to 28th April 1942 for two years he was in Dhenkanal Jail under detention Act. He was released on 28.4.1942 with a condition to remain in his house as prisoner and was ordered to appear in the Police Station everyday. On 9.9.1942 he joined in Quit India movement.  On 26th August 1942 at about 4 A.M., along with other 18 freedom Fighters, he captured Madhi (Kamakhyanagar) Police Station and set fire the Police Station, Govt. Quarters and Offices at Kamakshya Nagar. On 4th September 1942 Thousands of Volunteers under his leadershi, while going to capture Parajang Police Station, Police personel shoot at them and Baisnab Patnaik was injured near Janapada. After his treatment and recovery at Calcutta he came back to Dhenkanal on 26thMarch 1946. In the year 1947 he went to Nilagiri to take leadership of Prajamandal Workers and fought against Raj-Dalas and Nilagiri Raja handed over his Administation to District Magistate, Balasore. On 14.12.1947 he assisted Sardar Ballv Bhai Patel in   Merger of Princely States. He was arrested on 17.3.1948 at Athagarh and sent to Cuttack Jail for Four Years. He was elected as a Member of Orissa Legislative Assembly from 1952 to 1956 from Dhenkanal Constituency. He was elected to Loksabha from 1962 to 1967 from Dhenkanal Constituency. Now he is staying at his Residence in Dhenkanal Town.