VILL:- DAMAL, THANA:-PARJANG, DHENKANAL   Netrananda Nayak was born in the year 1913 in the village Damala of Parjang Block. He was inspired by Sarangadhar Das, the Founder of Orissa Gadajat Praja Samillani in the year 1935. In the year 1938 he got the letter from Mahesh Chandra Subahusingh of parjang and joined the first meeting of Prajamandal . He attended the prajamandal meetings held at Anugul and Jenapur and took up various works to strengthen Prajamandal. He took all the responsibilities of Prajamandal Camp held at Budhapanka, where he associated himself with the Great Freedom Fighters of Orissa, Nabakrushna Choudhury and Malati Choudhury. At the time of non-co-operation movement against British Rule on 09.09.1942, he was imprisoned under Bharat Rakhya Ain for one day and again for Twenty two days. From 02.11.1942 to 02.10.1943 he was again imprisoned nearly one year. He had written many articles in the Newspapers on Freedom movement. After Independence he was conferred various Shamans by both government and non-government organisations for his Excellent works in the Freedom Movement.