In the midnight of 10th October 1938 ,the Police Forces attacked the village Bhuban and arrested some persons without any reason. They took them to the Bhuban Police Station. The Conch of the Prajamandal was sounded by the village leaders. The people woke up and Gheraoed Bhuban police Station with a loud noise to release the arrested persons and leaders of Bhuban. The Police Fauza did not listen the demand of the agitators and fired at them. Raghu Naik and Quri Naik were shot dead by Police force and many persons were injured. The police force   thought that their lives were not safe. So they wanted to come Dhenkanal through Nilakantapur Ghat. That was the shortest way to Dhenkanal. At the end of the night on 11th October 1938 while it was raining , they reached at Nilakanthapur Ghat. Baji Rout a young boy of 12 years was in charge of country Boat in the Nilakanthpur Ghat of Brahmani river. The Force ordered him to cross the river by his Boat which  he denied  fearlessly .  The police force became revengeful and fired  Baji Rout along with    Laxman Mallik , Fagu Sahoo . The Young boy was the real patriot of the country who had much more love for the country and he died for the country. He is the youngest Freedom Fighter of the Country.