Nardah Museum-Bihar

Nardah Museum-Bihar
District Magistrate of newly created district of Nawada Shri N. P. Singh, I.A.S. the Nardah Museum was established. Almost all the exhibits were collected and made over to the Deptt. of Art, Culture & Youth, Govt. of Bihar by Shri Singh himself. Nardah Museum is a multi-purpose museum and the mention-worthy artifacts and art-objects include Pal stone sculptures, coins and manuscripts. Besides, contemporary painting, metal and stone art-pieces have also been preserved in the museum. The entire collection is housed in a magnificent building of its own.
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Address:Nardah Museum,Nardah,Patna,Bihar,India
Nearest City:Nawada
Best time to visit: October to March
The climate of the state is tropical with hot summers and cold winters. Monsoon brings medium to high rainfall and floods several areas in north Bihar. Humidity levels remain high in north and central Bihar throughout the summer and monsoon season, making them quite uncomfortable. The best time to visit the state is from October to March.
Nardah Museum was established in the year 1974.It is located in the Nawada district of Bihar. It was the brainchild of District Magistrate of Nawada Shri N. P. Singh. He donated all his personal collection to the museum. The museum houses stone sculptures, coins paintings metal objects stone art-pieces and manuscripts.
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It is a magnificent waterfall in Gobindpur police station, about 33-kms from Nawada. Just below the fall there is a deep natural reservoir. The fall is about 150 to 160-ft high from the ground level.A legend about this place is that in Treta Yuga a king named Nigas was cursed by a Rishi and had to take the shape of a python and lived here. The Pandavas visited the place during their exile and the accursed king got salvation from the damnation. The king after getting rid of the curse proclaimed that one who would bathe in the waterfall will not take the yoni of snake and that is why a large number of people from far and near bathe in the river. Kakolat is a most popular picnic spot too, visited by thousands of people almost every day.  

Gonava jee:
Gonava village is situated about one kilometer north of Nawada on Patna-Ranchi road. It is a place of pilgrimage for the Jains of both sects. The Digambar Jain temple is just by the side of main road while the Shwetamber Jain temple is behind it. The Digambar Jain temple built in 1925 is quite beautiful. It has a large marble idol of Lord Mahavira. The Shwetambar Jain temple was built some 800 years ago and has an impressive approach road. The temple has got a marble idol of Lord Mahavira flanked by a granite idol of Sudharmaji and idol of Panch Parmesthi made of Asthadhatu. The temple is famous and known as place of Nirvana of Lord Mahavira’s first disciple, Gautam Gandharva.

This is a small village about 32-kms from Nawada and is a place of great religious and mythological importance. There is an elliptical cave carved inside a huge hemispherical block of granite rock. The legend has it that it was in this cave that Sita had to take refuge after having been exiled by Rama. Built by Vishwakarma, the divine builder at the behest of saint poet Valmiki, as the legend goes, it was the heaven for Sita and provided her protection in the dense forest, which was infested with wild beasts. One and a half kilometers northeast of Sitamarhi there is a village called Barat, where the saint poet Valmiki is said to have lived when Sita was exiled. It was on the wide high level ground near this cave that Sita’s sons Lav and Kush are said to have fought against Ram’s army.

Had-Hadwa Waterfall:
At a distance of about 6-kms from Kawakole of Nawada district, there is a popular picnic spot having picturesque situation. A seasonal waterfall of this name in Macchaudra village is the main attraction.
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Nearest Railway Station:Nawada Railway Station
Nearest Airport:Jaiprakash Narayan International Airport, Patna (112kms)
Road Transport:Connected by good roads with all Indian cities.uto-rickshaws,Cycle-Rickshaws,Tangas.
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Located just 29 kilometers away from Patna, Maner is an Islamic pilgrim destination. Maner houses a shrine of 13th century Sufi Saint Maneri. His cenotaph at Bari Dargah is a popular tourist destination among his followers. There is one tomb of his disciple Shah Daulat which also attracts a number of tourists.  

Bodh Gaya:
Located 125 kilometers away, Bodh Gaya is a major tourist attraction near Patna. Bodh Gaya was the place where Bautam Buddha attained enlightenment under the peepal tree. Known as the Bodhi Tree, it is one of the most sacred sites for Buddhists across the world. The Bodhi tree is enshrined in a temple called Bodhi Temple. A huge statue of Lord Buddha inside the temple is another major tourist attraction at Bodh Gaya. Bodh Gaya is a part of Buddhist Circuit that connects all the places associated with Buddha and Buddhism.

Located 90 kilometers away from Patna, Nalanda houses the ruins of the famous Nalanda University. Nalanda was once the seat of higher learning but was devastated by a Turkish invader in the twelfth century. Wide spread campus of the university shows the grandeur and versatility of Nalanda University. According to Chinese traveler, Hiuen Tsang, Naland University housed more than ten thousand students and one thousand faculty members.

Rajgir holds great importance for Busshists and Jains. Situated amongst lush green hills and at a distance of 102 km from Patna, Rajgir was the ancient capital of the Magadha Empire before Lord Buddha. Major tourist attractions at Rajgir are Gridhakuta, Pipphali House, Venuvana, Tapodarama and Saptaparni cave.

Vaishali is said to be the first republic in human history. Vaishali had the concept of republican government much before the Greeks. Vaishali is located at a distance of 55 kilometers from the capital city of Patna. Lord Buddha stayed here for quite some time during his search of truth. Vaishali is also associated with Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara.
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Petrol Pump:Nawada,Bihar,Idia
Hotel Krishna Palace:Nawada,Bihar,India

Hotel Galaxy:Nawada,Bihar,India  
Mukhiyaji Ka Hotel:Nawada,Bihar,India
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