Caution Advised for Land Purchases in Oyna Village, Ranchi

Ranchi, Jharkhand: A critical alert has been issued to individuals considering land purchases in Oyna Village, Ranchi, known locally as Oina, where a considerable risk of fraudulent land deals has been identified.

Land Mafia Alert: Reports indicate that an organized land mafia is actively selling plots in the area, with real owners often residing outside of Ranchi. These lands, particularly plots numbered 249, 260, 261, 262, and 263, are believed to be involved in legal disputes, with some cases still pending in court. The criminal groups are accused of creating false boundaries and misleading new buyers into purchasing lands that are not legally clear for sale.

Village Details:

  • Panchayat: Chuttu Panchayat
  • Anchal: Kanke
  • Village: Oyna Village, also known as Oina
  • Thana: Pithoria
  • Post Office: Chandey
  • District: Ranchi
  • State: Jharkhand
  • Thana Number: 46

Potential Buyer’s Risks: Purchasers may find themselves embroiled in legal troubles, face financial losses, or at worst, have their newly bought land reclaimed by the rightful owners following a court ruling.

Official Recommendations:

  • Legal Consultation: Potential buyers should consult with a trusted property lawyer and verify any land documents and court statuses before making a purchase.
  • Local Verifications: Engaging with the Chuttu Panchayat, Kanke Anchal office, and the Pithoria Thana is crucial to ensure the plot is free of disputes.
  • Awareness and Vigilance: The community is encouraged to report suspicious land selling activities to the authorities.

The Current Stance: Until these legal disputes are resolved and ownership can be clearly and legally established, potential buyers are strongly cautioned against proceeding with transactions in this locality. The risks associated with purchasing these contested plots are high, and such actions can contribute to the cycle of illegal land grabs and sales that undermine the integrity of the property market in Jharkhand.

The Call for Action: If you are a potential buyer or know someone who is, make them aware of the situation in Oyna Village. It is imperative that the public remains vigilant and informed to avoid falling victim to these illicit schemes.