1,200 quintals of food grains meant for mid-day meals left to rot in Jharkhand godown

Souurc: indiatoday.in

Even as Jharkhand is reeling under growing poverty, malnutrition and starvation, over 1,200 quintals of food grains were found rotten in a warehouse at Ranchi. On investigation, glaring lapses and negligence were found as reasons leading to the massive wastage of the food grains, meant to be sent to different schools for mid-day meal.

The food grains were stocked and had arrived for the distribution among the Antyodaya Ration Card holders and 1009 quintals of cereals were supposed to be sent to different schools for mid-day meal.

The manager of the godown said that the roof of the godown was damaged and led to the leakage of rainwater during monsoon. He said that previously rejected stock was kept with the fresh food grains, and further damaged the fresh stock.

When Aajtak’s team went inside, the godown was stinking because of the rotten grains.

Food and supplies minister Saryu Rai said that despite many letters to the education department, the 1,009 quintals of cereals meant for distribution for mid-day meals were not collected, also the letters went unresponded. However, he added that erring officials would not be spared, and stringent action will be taken against the guilty.

Meanwhile, the Opposition latched on to the opportunity to grill the government. Congress spokesperson Alok Dubey accused the BJP-led state government of neglecting the interest of beneficiaries who depend on Public Distribution System for their monthly ration.

The advisor to the Supreme Court on Right to Food, Balram, alleged that the failure of the PDS system has once again been exposed. It has failed miserably to deliver, leading to the storage of food grains in the warehouse for long, leading to damage.