Celestial object found in Madhubani: Transferred to Patna Museum

Source: telegraphstar.com

Celestial object with 13 Kilo Gram weight was dug out by farmers from Mahadeva Village in Madhubani District, Bihar. The report came out from state capital Patna that the object has magnetic properties also. The meteor-like object hit the field on Monday. The local farmers extracted the object from a five feet deep hole caused by the fall of the object.

As the officials suspect it as a meteorite and have been kept in the State treasury. The district magistrate had promptly sent a memo to the State Department for Science and Technology about the same.

“We have written to the state’s Principal Secretary, Science and Technology department, informing him about this particular object that looks like a piece of rock but its glitter is much more than that of unpolished stone. Its magnetic pull makes it even more intriguing”, the district magistrate Shirsat Kapil Ashok said to a local news report.

A release from the Chief minister’s office confirmed that it had been brought to Cheif Minister’s official residence on Wednesday. Later the object was brought to the Bihar Museum in Patna for a clear examination by the scientists from the Cheif Minister Nitesh Kumar’s direct order. He also added that the object will be shifted to the science museum if it is found to be a meteorite.

“These meteorites have a special role in the extinction of the dinosaur from the Earth. The size of this meteor was larger than usual. Such meteorites come burning to the earth.” said Athul Aditya Pandey, Head of the Geology Department, University of Patna.

For those who are hearing about meteor for the first time, it is an interplanetary matter which withstands and manage to pass through the earth atmosphere to reach the earth’s surface. The size could vary from as mere as few grams to more than a hundred-kilo gram.