Bigg Boss Marathi 2, Weekend Cha Daav, June 23, 2019, written update: Vidyadhar Joshi gets evicted; saves Neha from eviction

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Marathi 2, Mahesh Manjrekar calls Vaishali, a partial supervisor during the task ‘Ek Daav Dhobi Pachad’. She tries to justify herself but Mahesh tells Team B that he would have been happy if they won the task without Vaishali’s help.
Mahesh appreciates Veena for her strategy of applying oil on the pipe during the same task

Later, Parag and Veena get into a fight as Veena blames him for being disloyal to his group. On the other hand, Parag blames Shiv for dividing their group.

Veena gets angry at Shiv as he is trying to impress her and at the same time he is also trying to give attention to Heena. On that, Shiv tries to explain to her that Abhijeet Kelkar and Vaishali had only asked him to do that to gain more attention from the viewers.

Mahesh then sends some of the housemates one-by-one to the confession room for the Chugli Booth activity. During this activity, Veena’s fan sends her a message that Heena is trying to separate Shiv and Veena on Abhijeet Bichukale’s orders.

Later, Mahesh calls one of the viewers on the stage to punish the culprit of the week. She calls Parag as the culprit and punishes him to apologise to Veena, Kishori, and Rupali.

After apologizing, Parag- Rupali, and Veena- Shiv present a romantic dance whereas Vaishali sings a song for them.

Mahesh plays some songs and asks the housemates to guess the contestant to whom the song is addressed to. Surekha Punekar performs on the song ‘Mala Mhantyat Ho Punyachi Maina’ whereas Vidyadhar shows some dance moves with Kishori to the song ‘Vaajale Ki Bara’.

After all the fun moments, Mahesh moves towards the elimination process. He announces that among all the 6 nominated contestants, Vidyadhar gets evicted and has to take an exit from the show.

While Vidyadhar takes his bags, everyone gets emotional. Shiv and Vaishali get teary-eyed.

Mahesh calls him on the stage and shows a small video clip of his journey in Bigg Boss house.

Lastly, Mahesh gives him the special power to save anyone for the next week. He saves Neha and gives her a birthday gift.