Raghubar Das: ‘Mob lynchings not just in Jharkhand should not be made political agenda’.

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Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das speaks to Abhishek Angad on incidents of lynching and the upcoming state polls. Excerpts:

During our reportage, we found out that the most vulnerable sections of the society are not getting the benefit of central schemes.

All such schemes have been implemented as per the 2011 Census. I am aware of what you have mentioned. I frequently speak to people and it will be addressed. By 2022, nobody will be left homeless, but this will not happen quickly. It will take time.

You have said the government has focused on roads, electricity and water. At Maspera, Sundarpahari, in Godda, ill people are being carried to hospitals on cots because there is no road. Water scarcity has been the biggest problem of the state capital during summer. You once said you will provide 24×7 electricity, that has not happened.

A government needs at least 10 years to complete its work. I am not saying Ram Rajya has come. At Sundarpahari, the local MLA is from JMM. What did they do? On electricity, I was misquoted. I had said electricity will reach every village….it has reached 30 lakh more houses in the last five years — compared to 39 lakh in the last 14 years…It will take time. Regarding water, we have started conservation. There is no scarcity of water, but it has to be managed well…

The government put thrust on Momentum Jharkhand. What is the total investment that came in?

Work worth Rs 72,000 crore is going on in sectors like power, food processing and textiles. In the coming years, Jharkhand will become a textile hub. Garments are being exported to European countries over the past two years. Now footwear will be manufactured in Jharkhand.

But how much is the business it is generating worth?

You think only if it is big business. My focus is on MSMEs because I have to end poverty and MSMEs are the spine of the economy.

Recently, Jharkhand Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries put up several hoardings in parts of Ranchi targeted at the state government’s “insensitivity” towards the businesses. They complained they were facing issues in starting businesses and much- touted single window clearance was not implemented.

I have not been monitoring it since last six months, but in every district a nodal officer has been appointed for this purpose. There may be one or two stray incidents and I am not rejecting the claim entirely.

You have created land banks where the government acquired uncultivated and common land to attract investment. Many have criticised this and said the tribals or villagers were not spoken to.

These are people who are anti-development and do not want growth of the poor. When I conduct choupals, I ask people did the government take the land? The answer is in negative. It is the government’s land. So, land mafia and anti-development people are having a stomach ache. People who took away land are now talking about land rights now. Look at the violation of Chotanagpur Tenancy Act and Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act by the Soren family.

You have initiated an inquiry against them…

Soren family are residents of Gola. How come they have properties in Dumka, Pakur which are clear violation of SPT Act? They also have properties in Ranchi.

So what is happening in the case…

A showcause notice has been issued to them after we received complaint.

Mob violence has become a nuisance in Jharkhand. Recently, a Christian tribal in Khunti and Tabrez Ansari in Saraikela, who was made to chant Jai Shri Ram, died. In the last three years, 21 deaths happened due to child-lifting rumours and on the suspicion of cow slaughter or beef possession. Also, more than 90 people have died after being suspected of witch-hunting. Why is this happening?

Mob lynchings are not just happening in Jharkhand. Is it not happening in Delhi, Bihar or Congress-ruled states? First of all, this is wrong . Nobody has the right to take law in their hands. As for the 20-21 deaths, the dead were deranged people who were lynched on the suspicion that they were thieves. If you leave one or two incidents, maximum people who died were deranged. I am keeping a tab and have directed police and the administration to handle it effectively, but it should not be made a political agenda.

What about incidents where mob violence is driven by religious polarisation, such as the Tabrez Ansari case.

This should not happen and this is wrong. People should not see Hindus and Muslims in cases of lynching. This is being done by parties indulging in vote bank politics. If a Muslim dies, it becomes an issue…AAP came from Delhi to Saraikela to give Rs 5 lakh (in the Ansari case), how many other lynching victims’ families have they reached out to? They are not pained by the lynching, they have to play vote bank politics. This is wrong.

What directions have been given?

Police are meeting a lot of people in the villages to make them aware. But social media is a problem. Something happens somewhere and people want to spoil the environment

But the witchcraft killings…

This is mostly specific to Gumla, Khunti and Lohardaga areas. People need to be more aware. We have made a law, but the tribals in the villages are still uneducated and uninformed. The society needs to sort this issue and take responsibility. The government makes announcements in various villages against the practices. The civil society should also come forward.

Regarding implementation of MGNREGA, some people told us that getting money for work done takes time. Some people don’t opt for it. Recently, in Chanho block, a person allegedly committed suicide because he incurred debts after he got a well constructed under NREGA and did not receive money. The state’s liability under NREGA’s components is high.

There is corruption at the lower levels and we are trying to make it more transparent. There is corruption at the block level and in times to come we will it make it corruption-free. There has been a lot of improvement. Yes, liability it there, and I have asked to create a special fund for the payments under NREGA because the fund comes from the Centre. So that we don’t have to wait for the central fund and we clear the payments and later adjust it. Why should a poor person wait?

But the PESA Act has not been implemented in the state?

Any development work conducted in the state is done after talking to the Gram Sabha. How can one say it is not being implemented?

During the Pathalgadi agitation, a lot of people were arrested and sedition cases were invoked. The same was done against a few activists who supported Pathalgadi on social media? Recently, Arjun Munda said in an interview that the state government should review this?

Whatever has happened is under the law and I dont want to comment. But yes, no innocent should be implicated. There are different views, but I don’t interfere.

In Jamshedpur and Saraikela, a lot of labourers were laid off during a recent slowdown in automobile sector. What is the status now and has the state government done anything?

Measures were taken by the Central government and things will normalise soon.

Migration has been an issue in Jharkhand?

It is no longer the case. The situation is reversing after we set up various companies. People are getting jobs here.

The Aadhaar-based biometric authentication in PDS led to exclusion of many beneficiaries.

Now everyone has Aadhaar. We have also given directions that ration be given even if there is no biometric authentication.

What is your stand on NRC?

People who are Bangladeshis have to go. We will implement NRC.

What is your understanding of the political climate in Jharkhand after the results in Maharashtra and Haryana where the BJP could not achieve its target?

One cannot compare one state with the other. These states do not have 26 per cent tribals. We will aim high. We will definitely win 65 plus seats in the Assembly polls.

A strong opposition is important for democracy. What would you say about the opposition in Jharkhand?

A critic is very important so that gaps in governance is known. But I am sad that here the opposition is very weak. There is infighting in the Congress. Within JMM, brothers were fighting. In RJD, there was a split. The opposition should work hard, but it is sad that the opposition does not want any Raajhit. They want Swahit. The people have started understanding that and they will be shown the doors.

Jharkhand CM celebrates Diwali in Jamshedpur, performs rituals on Gobardhan Puja.

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Jamshedpur: Chief Minister Raghubar Das celebrated ‘festival of lights’ Diwali with spouse Rukmini Devi, son Lalit Das and daughter-in-law and family members at Agrico area on Sunday. He met well-wishers and extended warm wishes to the people. The Chief Minister prayed for the welfare of the State.

On Monday, Das performed rituals to mark Govardhan Puja. After the rituals, he inspected several areas under his Legislative Assembly Area Jamshedpur East. Das, who was in city to celebrate Diwali, went to various areas in Burmamines and personally interacted with residents and took stock of development schemes. According to information, he asked authorities to focus on cleanliness of the areas.

He went to Raghubarnagar and met with locals. Talking to local citizens he said that the Government is dedicated towards development of State with special focus on cleanliness and infrastructure. He said that the people are reaping the benefits of the several welfare schemes is his Government’s priority.

 Das further added that the government would work efficiently in bringing speedy development, providing basic amenities and improving policing. He also said that ensuring corruption free governance will be his foremost priority. He also emphasised that his government would be accountable and ensure rapid development by utilising the abundance of natural resources.

Chief Minister’s legislative assembly area representative, Pawan Agarwal said that the Chief Minister has sought a report on two acre vacant land at Raghubarnagar. He asked local authorities to prepare a report so that the land can be used to develop G+ 8 residential areas for the needy families.  

Meanwhile the Chief Minister also visited several Kali Puja Pandals and sought blessings. The festival of lights, Diwali, also marks the beginning for worship  of deity, Goddess Kali. Festivities and enthusiasm for Kali Puja in city is same as seen for Diwali. Performing the Puja with faith devotees seek

protection against drought and war and blessings of general happiness, health and prosperity.

In Jamshedpur a number of Kali Puja pandals were constructed for the occasion. On Sunday the pandals were inaugurated amidst enthusiasm.

“Kali puja is also an important occasion for us and every year we look forward to celebrate in traditionally. A massive pandal have been constructed for the occasion. The festival is usually celebrated

during the Diwali,” Tapas Sen, senior functionary of Five Star Kali Puja Committee in Pursudih.

He said that though the pomp and show during Durga Puja is much higher but the devotion and festivities for Kali Puja are none the less. Meanwhile a number of Kali puja pandals have been constructed at Sonari, Burmamines and Pursudih.

Develop park where mining is over: Jharkhand CM

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Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Friday said that the coal companies should follow the norms and develop parks where mining has been completed.

In a meeting with Union Coal Minister Pralhad Joshi in Ranchi, the Chief Minister said: “People have no option but to live in dust in mining areas. We should make efforts to get them rid from dust”.

“As per the norms park or public utility places should be developed in the areas where mining has been completed. But such norms are being ignored. The dust is causing hazardous diseases among people,” said the Chief Minister.

Das also demanded that the people who were displaced due to mining should be given jobs.

The Union minister agreed to give jobs to the displaced people.

“One person in each family whose lands were acquired for mining in the Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) areas would be given job as per the qualification,” Joshi said.

The Coal Minister also agreed that Coal India subsidiaries will do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities as per the priorities of the state government.

Chakardharpur to become new district by February: Jharkhand CM

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Jamshedpur, Oct. 13: During his whirlwind tour to different parts of Kolhan, Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Sunday promised to make Chakardharpur a different district by February, 2020. Addressing the Kolhan leg of Johar Jan Ashirwad Yatra at Chakardharpur, Das said that if voted to power the State Government will carve Charkardharpur as the new district.

Taking a dig at the regional parties, Das said that Jharkhand could not become a separate state in 1993 because of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. It was the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who kept the promise made to Jharkhand and gave a separate statehood status. “Keeping this in mind, I promise that voted to power Chakardharpur will be made a separate district by February 2020.

Targeting the Soren family, Das said that guruji and his son has served as Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister but they worked to sell Kolhan’s mineral wealth to other states and countries. They did nothing for the development of the State.

Addressing a public meeting at Goilkera, Raghubar Das said that JMM has forgotten the martyrs. BJP has worked to honour the sons of the soil.

Das announced that on the demand of youths Goilkera-Gudri road will be constructed. For 14 years, development was disrupted in the State due to political instability. But after 2014 there has been a stable and strong government.

Das said that his Government has brought the State on the path of development during his five tenure of Chief Minister of Jharkhand. He went on to add that the people of Jharkhand will vote on the basis of his performance and he is confident to win in the elections.

The Chief Minister noted that the party’s vision is making Jharkhand a developed state. “We are promoting agriculture and industry together. We want to build basic infrastructure in the state apart from improved health-care facilities,” said Das.

The Chief Minister said that the state was making steady progress in making it one of the vibrant states in the field of industrial development. “Jharkhand government has framed policies to provide technical education and skill development. We have to just ensure that these policies are implemented. The need is to bridge the skill gap between the industry and the skill provider,” he said.

“We will ensure that mineral-abundant Jharkhand develops as number one state of the country,” he said. Das said the government is working efficiently in bringing speedy development, providing basic amenities and improving policing. He also said that ensuring corruption free governance has been his foremost priority.

Das for Double Engine Govt in Jharkhand again

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Chief Minister Raghubar Das today held seven back to back public meetings at various locations in Santhal Pargana on day one of Johar Jan Ashirwad Yatra. The CM gave message of development to people appealing them to tread the road of development by supporting the BJP in upcoming polls. “Political parties using the name of Jharkhand consider the naive public of Santhal only as vote bank. Our government has worked for the all round development of Santhal Pargana. You have the right to know from the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and the Congress why till 2014 only 38 lakh families out of 68 lakh families had access to electricity.

Why children in schools were forced to sit on jute sacks? Why the mother and sisters of the State could not get freedom from the life of smoke? Why could the poor not get their own houses? Why they did not build toilets in honour of women? Why there was no health insurance for the poor? Why did they not become the carrier of economic prosperity of farmers? Why did they not remove the stigma of corruption from Jharkhand? They do not have the answers to these questions because they do politics of rumor and propaganda. But, now it will not work. The days of false and deceitful promises are gone,” said the CM. Das said that now the people of Santhal want a working government, Bharatiya Janata Party government. “For 14 years JMM, RJD, Congress continued to do politics of manipulation. Their purpose was only to gain power. By filling their pockets, they have deceived the people of the State. This time you have to take them out,” he said while addressing various public meetings in Santhalpargana on Thursday.

The CM said that in the last five years, there has been an effort to bring a ray of development to the people of Jharkhand, who are waiting for development since independence. “We do not say that we have changed things completely, but have started development work. We still have a long way to go. I have come to you for giving account of the last five years of development work. I hope you get your blessings for the next five years and Jharkhand will get a strong government,” he said. “Our Government is committed to the development of the entire Santhalpargana including Mihizam. The Jharkhand Mukti Morcha ruled in Santhal Pargana for years but Santhal went backward. The Soren family stalled the development of Santhal.

 This time Santhal Pargana has to be made Congress and JMM free. Our government gave the right of sand to the gram panchayats, but the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha government gave the contract of sand to a contractor in Mumbai. The first right on the resources of the State belongs to the people of Jharkhand and not to anyone outside,” he added.

At Khaira of Nala Assembly seat, the CM held discussion with locals over tea. “Our government has given top priority to dialogue with the people since the beginning.

Lightning kills 8 youths in Jharkhand, CM Raghubar Das announces compensation

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A lightning strike killed eight people in Jharkhand on Thursday. The incident happened in Jharkhand’s Garwha. The eight youths, hailing from Pasi Tola under Mjhiyon police station, were playing out in the open when the lightning strike killed six out of them on the spot.

The other two were rushed to a hospital but to no avail. They breathed their last in Sadar Hospital, Garwha on Thursday.

Garwha SDO Pradip Kumar said that it was raining and the youths tried to hide themselves under a tree. The trees are a good conductor of electricity. When the lightning hit it the tree the current was discharged upon the youths hiding under it.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said, “My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones.” Raghubar Das also announced a compensation of Rs 4 lakh each to the families of the deceased.

Meanwhile, senior geologist of Ranchi University — Dr Nitish Priyadarshi — expressed his concern over death due to natural disasters time and again in the far flung and rural areas.

Nitish Priyadarshi has cited that acute lack of awareness is the big reason of casualties from nature furies. Villages located at high altitude is common in Jharkhand and people don’t know that it is not at all advisable to go outside in fields and open spaces when there are any chances of thundering or lightning strikes.

“Above all still, the use of conductors are minimal in the rural areas. Massive awareness campaign is required to update the people to stick to the dos and don’ts during thundering and lightning. This is high time disaster management department of Jharkhand government should take a call to preempt casualties,” Nitish Priyadarshi said.

Jharkhand’s development talking point in country: CM

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Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Tuesday said that the development works in Jharkhand have become a matter of discussion across the country. Speaking at a conclave organised by a media house here on Tuesday the CM said that today Jharkhand is known for development works unlike earlier when scams and irregularities were discussed about the State.

“Work has been done in every sector in Jharkhand. Till now people keep giving slogans and promises. However, the Government does not follow slogans and promises.  Government operates with policy and intent. Our government started formulating policies as soon as it came to power. Started working on it by making policy. The result of this is that today there is talk of development of Jharkhand in the whole country,” he said.

“It is a State full of possibilities. There is potential, power and resource. Despite this, the State has not been able to develop due to political instability for 14 years.

The aspirations of the people of the State were not being fulfilled. In 2014, on the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the people of Jharkhand formed an absolute majority Government here.  In the last four and a half years, the stable Government of the State has tried to fulfill the aspirations of the people,” he added.

The CM said that there is great potential for farming in Jharkhand. But due to the previous Governments at the Center, farmers continued to remain indebted. “The Modi government worried about the farmers.

He started the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi. In this, farmers are getting an annual assistance of Rs 6,000. Similarly, the State Government has launched the Chief Minister Krishi Aashirwad Yojana.

Under this, farmers of the State are getting Rs 5,000 to 25,000 annually. Due to this, farmers are not forced to become indebted to anyone for minor tasks. Das said that the State government is promoting medium, small and small scale industries. “It employs more and more people. Similarly, a lot of work has been done in the textile sector in Jharkhand. Many big companies are setting up production units in Jharkhand. This has given employment to our girls in large numbers.

Earlier these girls used to migrate to other states for 5-7 thousand rupees, now they are getting employment at home. The State Government is also focused on food processing. The Government is also providing employment and self-employment opportunities through skill development.

In Jharkhand, Limca Book has awarded the Government for employing the maximum number of people in a single day.

All the public interest policies of the Central Government have been fully implemented in Jharkhand,” said the CM. The CM said that after the coming of Modi ji’s Government at the Center, politics of casteism and communalism has ended in the country. People are with the politics of development.

The poor and middle families in the country have the opportunity to live with dignity. In response to a question on the CNT-SPT case, he said that those who misled the tribals and grabbed their land are violating the CNT-SPT the most.

41 years on, Jharkhand’s Konar irrigation project inauguration today

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The much-delayed Konar irrigation project, foundation of which was laid in 1978 with estimated cost of Rs 11.43 crore, will finally be inaugurated after 41 years on Wednesday when its estimated cost rose to Rs 2,176.25 crore.

Jharkhand chief minister Raghubar Das will inaugurate a part of the project which include 25-meter intake structure, 4.29-km tunnel, 2.04-km tunnel extension and 2.28-km canal at Bishnugarh in Hazaribag, irrigation department officials said on Tuesday.

Canal work of 103.14 kilometers covering 30 villages of Hazaribag and Giridih has been completed at cost of Rs 477 crore. Rest 301-km canal work will be done by 2021, officials said.

The irrigation project meant to rejuvenate over 62,955 hectare farmland of three districts – Hazaribag, Bokaro and Giridih covering 85 villages – was mooted in early 70s by the then Bihar government.

The water from the Konar dam will be supplied to farmland.

The idea was to use the water from Konar dam, built by Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) in Hazaribag and inaugurated by India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1955, for irrigation purpose. Then Bihar governor Jagannath Kaushal had laid the foundation of the irrigation project in September 1978. The cost of the project was then estimated at Rs 11.43 crore.

However, the project hanged in balance since 1980 after the death of five labourers during construction of tunnel, officials said.

The project was further delayed due to various reasons such as shortage of funds, problems in land acquisition, forest clearance and others. After creation of Jharkhand in November 2000, the project got breather again.

The then Jharkhand chief minister, Arjun Munda, again laid foundation of the tunnel in 2003. However, contractor left the work midway. In 2012, tender for the project was again floated and work was again started in 2013.

As per the price index of 2017, the cost of the project was revised to Rs 2,176.25 crore and Rs 477.19 crore has already been spent by July 2019, the officials said.

Executive engineer of irrigation department in Hazaribag, Abhishek Minz, said that the canal work of 103.14 kilometers covering 30 villages of Hazaribag and Giridih had already been completed.

“The total canal length from Hazaribag to Bokaro via Giridih is 404.17 kilometers. We have fixed deadline to complete the rest 301 km canal by 2021. Once the project gets completed, all 85 villages from 14 blocks of three district would get irrigation facility,” Minz said.

Minz said land acquisition and forest clearance had been bottlenecks for the project, as they took much time.

“This is why, department has now decided to cover 267.42 km through pipeline instead of open channel,” Minz said.

Jharkhand’s industrialists’ banner reminder of industry SOS

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Jharkhand’s industrialists are angry over what they say is the state’s insensitivity to a dire situation for businesses, and they plan to remind the Raghubar Das-led government about the harsh ground reality through hoardings at strategic locations, including in front of the chief minister’s residence in Ranchi.

The reality for businesses, the Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FJCCI) said at a news meet held in the state capital, was in stark contrast to expectations of industrial growth claimed during Momentum Jharkhand in 2017.

The FJCCI is the coordinating body for more than 10,000 industrial units operating across the state.

“The hopes generated during Momentum Jharkhand are completely dashed with industrialists fighting for survival and nearly 1,000 big and small industries downing shutters in the last few months due to the insensitivity of the state government,” FJCCI president Deepak Maroo said during the news meet held at Chamber Bhavan in Ranchi on Wednesday.

“We tried presenting our stands before every responsible persons including ministers, chief minister and bureaucrats but so far we have not received any solution to our woes and had no option but to display our sentiments through hoardings, beginning with a hoarding near the CM residence at Kanke,” he added.

The FJCCI hoardings will be put up at eight locations in Ranchi, and similar billboards will be sent to industries and trade bodies for display at strategic locations across all 24 districts.

“We would like nearly four-five such hoardings put up at strategic locations like near the district collectorate and near the residence and office of ministers and MLAs across the districts — to make them aware about the problems faced by us,” Maroo said.

The hoardings declare: “Vyapariyo ki marmik pukar — ab to sudh lo sarkar” (Poignant call of traders — at least remember us now, government).

They highlight problems faced due to frequent power cuts, complete failure of the single-window system of clearances for business, harassment of transporters by police officials, unhygienic condition and poor infrastructure in industrial areas, rising cases of theft and crime, and rampant licence raj and red tape.

“Industries in the last one year have suffered losses to the tune of Rs 1,000 crore due to poor policies of the government. The claims of hassle-free clearance through single-window system and ease of doing business is simply an eyewash. Momentum Jharkhand has failed to generate any revival for industries,” Maroo said.

During the Momentum Jharkhand 2017, nearly 210 MoUs were inked with Jharkhand government, promising investment of more than Rs 3 lakh crore.

FJCCI industry sub-committee chairman Ajay Bhandari blamed lack of coordination between the legislature and bureaucracy for the sorry state of affairs. FJCCI electricity sub-committee chairperson Vinod Tulsiyan criticised the government for allowing hike in power tariff from April this year despite no significant improvement in supply. This, he said, has led to economic

burden on industrialists and several ingots units have closed down.

Bus transport association official Arun Budhiya said that tax policies on the transport sector have resulted in heavy losses for transporters, specially those in the heavy vehicles segment.

“We want the government to talk to us and sort out our problems and this is the reason we have resorted to the hoarding campaign to draw their attention,” Maroo said. “If they do not relent, then we will have to go for mass agitation.”

Chief minister Raghubar Das launches Atal clinic in Ranchi

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Chief minister Raghubar Das on Friday inaugurated an Atal clinic at Edalhatu in Morabadi that will offer free treatment and medicines to local residents.

The clinic was part of the 25 Atal clinics launched in 17 districts of Jharkhand on Friday, to mark the death anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Ranchi mayor Asha Lakra, Ranchi MP Sanjay Seth, state urban development minister C.P. Singh, deputy mayor Sanjeev Vijayvargiya, state health secretary Nitin Madan Kulkrani and urban development secretary Ajoy Kumar Singh were present at the inauguration of the Edalhatu clinic.

“This clinic is dedicated to our beloved former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. We have set a target to open as many as 100 Atal clinics across Jharkhand by September 25. In the 2019-20 budget, the government had promised to start clinics at the colony level,” the chief minister said in his address.

The CM directed civil surgeons of the districts to visit Atal clinics daily to ensure their proper functioning.

The clinic will operate from the RMC ward office. The government will appoint a doctor who will be available at the clinic from 6-10 in the morning and 6-8 in the evening.

The Atal clinic, which will function as a normal outdoor patients’ department, will offer free treatment and medicines for normal health problems.

The facility of vaccination will be available twice a week.

Pregnant women can seek free medical consultation at the clinic, which can also conduct tests for anaemia, tuberculosis and malaria.

State health secretary Kulkarni said Atal clinic would be opened in urban areas having a minimum population of 15,000 to 20,000 people who don’t have easy access to sadar and government hospitals and health centres.

“Local urban bodies will have to provide space for these clinics, which will be opened in accordance with the requirement. It is not necessary that every ward under the civic body will have a clinic,” Kulkarni said.

On the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the flagship scheme of the central government that was launched from Ranchi on September 23 last year, the CM said: “We had set a target to include 2.85 crore people belonging to 57 lakh families of Jharkhand under this scheme. So far, golden card has been issued to 40 lakh individuals. We have set a target to issue golden cards to the remaining 2.45 crore people by the end of September 23. The government has launched the drive from today (Friday).”

On the sidelines of the clinic launch, the chief minister handed over golden cards to some of the local residents.