Eightfold inaugurates ‘Eightfold Nalanda’ in India to accelerate global expansion

Source: crn.in

Eightfold.ai, the creator of the Talent Intelligence Platform, has announced the opening of ‘Eightfold Nalanda’, its global center of excellence, research and innovation in AI domain. Founded by Dr Ashutosh Garg and Varun Kacholia, IIT alumni and machine learning experts from Google and Facebook, Eightfold.ai has already secured more than 100 customers operating in 20 countries around the world.

With a recent Series C round of $28 million, Eightfold.ai has become one of the most well capitalised companies in Silicon Valley, and with a growing portfolio of products, and a growing global team. Eightfold.ai’s customers in India include Tata Communications and Delhivery.

“Opening Eightfold Nalanda, our center of excellence, in India is an important step in our growth. Having grown up in India, it’s important to me that we bring the benefits of our AI Platform to the workforce in India as well. The algorithms that power the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform are built to help everyone find the right role for them and help them realise their potential, while embracing our diversity,” said Dr Ashutosh Garg, Co-Founder and CEO of Eightfold.ai.

Co-Founders Dr Garg and Kacholia are widely hailed for their record of innovation and leadership in machine learning, holding between them 86 patents. The co-founders have filed four new patents in the last year at Eightfold.ai.

Eightfold.ai has named its India headquarters and CoE as Eightfold Nalanda. The CoE in India will be under the leadership of Sandesh Goel, who will be General Manager for India.

“Today we have customers in 20 countries across four continents and they are driving the innovation on our Talent Intelligence Platform across talent acquisition, career planning, skills development, and employee and candidate experience. India, in itself, is now one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world and it was time to bring many strategic functions of the company to serve this geography at scale. I am excited to welcome Sandesh Goel to our team and have him build an excellent team in India,” said Dr Garg.

“Opening the Eightfold Nalanda global center of excellence in India is an exciting moment for all of us. Re-skilling is emerging as a key imperative for employers all over the world, nowhere more so than here in India. Half of the world’s Millennial population is in India, and these young workers face job displacement requiring them to learn new skills quickly. The employers of India must adapt in order to attract and retain their talent as well. These are the challenges we are now addressing at scale with our Talent Intelligence Platform,” said Sandesh Goel, General Manager – India, Eightfold.ai.