IIM Bodh Gaya Conclave: Flexi timings and virtual workplaces crucial to keep Generation Z happy

Source: news.careers360.com

NEW DELHI, AUGUST 13: Human Resource experts from across the country came together at the HR conclave held at IIM Bodh Gaya to discuss innovative concepts like flexi timings, virtual workplaces and their importance in retaining the future workforce.

The two-day event, named Gyanodya 2.0, held panel discussions involving HR Heads from reputed firms like Admiral Group, Tata Consultancy Service, Bar Code India, etc., on coping with the changing trends in the workplace.

Experts discussed the importance of innovations in the office environment considering the imminent presence of the internet-savvy Generation Z (born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s) in the future workforce. The conclave had three panel discussions on the topics: flexible timings and virtual workplaces, challenges in HR management, and the role of human resource in gaining competitive advantage.

Flexi timings are flexible working hours which require the workers to be working as usual during the ‘core hours’ while the rest of the hours are flexible for the employee. Similarly, virtual workplaces allow the employees to work from home through a network of several workplaces connected through the internet.

The expert also highlighted the greatest challenges of HR, which include the absence of any binding qualification requirement for the profession, the challenge of contract labour, and that of retaining talent. Highlighting the human aspect of HR, the importance of having face-to-face interactions for workplace productivity was stressed on during the conclave.

The conclave was attended by dignitaries such as Dr. Vinita Sahay, Director, IIM Bodh Gaya; Anurag Chandra, Head HR, Admiral Group; Surabhi Sanchita, Head-HR, Bar Code India Ltd.; Amitava Sinha, VP-HR, Business Standard Pvt Ltd, among others.