39 Mob Lynching Incidents Reported In Less Than 3 Months In Bihar: Police

Source: ndtv.com


The police in Bihar have seen a rising number of lynching incidents in the recent months. According to data provided by the police headquarters, 14 people have been beaten to death, while 45 people have been injured in mob lynching incidents during the last two and a half months. During this time, 39 incidents of mob-lynching were registered in the state.

Bihar police headquarters is conducting awareness campaigns regarding such incidents in sensitive areas. Senior police officials have acknowledged that there have been no incidents of child abduction but people take to mob-lynching due to rumours. However, the police are sensitising people about such incidents along with a stern warning to those involved in the lynchings.

Locals in Madipur Chitragupta Nagar in Muzaffarpur thrashed two women on suspicion of child abduction. By the time the police reached the spot and saved them from the crowd, they had both suffered severe injuries.

In Samastipur district, a mentally-disabled woman was beaten up on a similar suspicion. Some people from the crowd saved her from the mob.

Such cases have been reported from Patna as well as other areas of the state too.

A man, identified as Shatrughan Sinha, a resident of Sitamarhi, was beaten to death on September 9 in West Champaran district.

On September 8, a 22-year-old man was beaten to death following rumours of child lifting.

The police have registered FIRs against 348 named accused and 4,000 unidentified people till now.

“Police is taking strict action against those involved in mob lynching incidents. We identify the accused from the video footage of the incidents and take action against them,” said Additional Director General (police headquarters) Jitendra Kumar .

Referring to the data, he said that since July this year, 278 people have been arrested in 39 incidents of lynching.

Mr Kumar said that the police have launched campaigns against mob lynching using audio clips and posters.