Patna man seeks Rs 100 refund from Zomato, loses Rs 77,000 in dubious transaction


Zomato user in Patna ordered food for a meager Rs 100 and ended up losing all money in his bank account, a total sum of Rs 77,000 while attempting to claim refund for his order.

The bizarre incident took place in Bihar capital Patna where Vishnu, an engineer by profession, ordered food via the food delivery app. When a delivery boy arrived at his door with the food, Vishnu was unsatisfied with the food quality and asked him to take it back.

The delivery boy instead advised him to call up Zomato customer care and asked Vishnu to Google search “Zomato customer care”. The delivery person asked Vishnu to dial up the first number on Google search results and follow the instructions.

After he called on the first available number, Vishnu got a call back from a person who identified himself as a Zomato customer care executive and said Rs 10 will be deducted from his bank account for Zomato to process the refund amount of Rs 100.

The caller then sent him a link for Vishnu to deposit Rs 10. Without any second thoughts about the whole procedure, the engineer clicked on the link and deposited Rs 10.

Within minutes of this transaction, Rs 77,000 was deducted through multiple transactions from his bank account and Vishnu was left with no money.

The money was deducted via multiple PayTm transactions and Rs 77,000 vanished within minutes and the man failed to do anything to stop it.

The incident took place on September 10 and Vishnu has since been knocking on the doors of the police, banks and several other forums but with no respite.